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The U.S government introduced Regulation X under Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to improve consumer protection against unfair financial practices in mortgage processes. This necessitates mortgage services to ensure compliance with loss mitigation responsibilities. Failure to comply with could lead to loss of servicing or sub-servicing rights, levy of monetary penalties, and incur costs of restitution and remediation.
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We offer HIPAA compliant medical transcription services to all the healthcare providers by delivering over 98.5% accuracy - calculated as per American Assoc. of Medical Transcription. We have the three layers of Quality check.

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Doctor's dictations are captured using Dictaphone or Toll Free Dial in Server. These dictations are further transformed to electronic format and are stored on our secured web server.

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Our quality checking level includes of Quality Controllers and Editors. To ensure utmost quality work we have three levels of quality checking which includes:Medical Spell-checks
Drugs Punctuation as per AAMT guidelines.

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