About Us


NPB Consultants is one of the leading healthcare companies of the world specializing in providing value-driven revenue-health care solutions. We create value for physicians and hospitals through scalable solutions that help facilities improve patient care and maximize reimbursement. We offer a HIPAA compliant complete medical back office for your facility. We have been operating as the healthcare services provider for the last five year since 2009. We bring together highly evolved people processes, customer focused capabilities and well knit service enablers to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that delivers on commitments.


To remove the administrative burden from physicians, maximize reimbursement, and improve efficiencies. To improve the quality of patient care by reducing medical errors and lowering the cost of doing business.


Leveraging technology and talent globally to serve healthcare professionals.

Our aim is simple – to let technological advances simplify your daily workflow and provide turnkey solutions - Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle management, Payer services, Chart review , Medical Coding - to healthcare professionals for all administrative and financial aspects of their medical practices.