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10 Tech Must Haves for Seniors

Technology has forever transformed the world we live in. The count of older adults using internet and other related tech devices have risen over the years. However,there’s still a long way to go before we can consider our senior citizens to be technologically savvy. Hence lets talk about Technology for elders.

Today’s Technology for elders in its various avatars has the power to keep the senior population not only active both mentally and physically but also help them engage and connected with the world at large through internet and smart devices. Technology in its various manifestations can also be a great aid. It can help the senior population in taking care of their health, entertainment, financial goals and other such needs. Embracing technology is in the best interest of everyone. Those not adjusting themselves to embrace the change are bound to be left behind in an era of exponential technical advancements across different aspects of life.

Below are 10 Technology Must Haves for 50+ which will improve the overall quality of life immensely.

Embrace Computers in its various manifestations (Smart Phones / Tablets / Desktops)

Adopting and embracing computers in its various avatars like desktops, tablets, smart phones etc. can help transform one’s day to day life. The power of this technology can be guaged from the fact that knowledge of all kinds and form becomes available at the swipe of a finger tip or click of a mouse. From entertainment to health, games to finance, education to photography and much more are now available for seniors to explore 24×7.

Technology for Elders: Wireless internet 

Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities. Access to a wireless network would help seniors remain connected in an increasingly connected world.

Hearing Aids

The continuing miniaturization of all kinds of devices has meant a whole lot of options when it comes to hearing aid related technologies like wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Hearing aids can be tiny, transparent, and nearly invisible—or even implanted inside the ear itself. The 50+ population needs to seriously embrace themselves to these types of gadgets for an overall increase in quality of life.

Social Networking 

A social networking service (also social networking site, SNS or social media) is an online platform that 50+ population can use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. There are a whole host of applications / platforms which helps towards facilitating this, most notable being Facebook, WhatsAppTinder, Instagram etc. The owners of this website, through PurnaaGlobal strives to offer an exclusive platform for all senior citizens.

Health Gadgets 

Technology has helped bring a revolution in personal healthcare. Now people can monitor their blood sugar levels using smart technical gadgets. They can track exercise and food schedules, nutritional needs, set reminders for medicines, measure calories burnt and much more.


Technology has transformed the world of gaming. Embracing this wholeheartedly not only helps 50+ community remain engaged and active. It but also boost cognition ability, mental agility, and even physical health, besides promoting social interactions

Chat and Video Communication 

Technology has meant that distance and boundaries are no longer a barrier when it comes to communication. The 50+ population who till recently only relied on voice calls to communicate with their near and dear ones residing far away from them, can now embrace video calling tools and platforms to connect live thereby living the firsthand communication experience.


For seniors who are concerned about getting lost, or who has dementia and occasionally wanders, GPS technology can immediately alert caregivers to their location if they leave their comfort zone. There are separate GPS trackers that attach to the wrist or clothing, as well as smartphone GPS apps. A must have for 50+ population.

Home Assistive Devices 

Adopting assistive technology at home can go far in helping seniors remain independent and safe. Besides home monitoring and GPS, there are devices such as LED lighting, medication dispensing appliances, photo-enhanced phone dialers, smart electric appliances, stove shut-off systems etc., all of which can help seniors with mild cognitive and motor impairment.

Utility Applications 

Embracing and using utility apps on smart phones / tablets can help the 50+ population immensely. Today there are apps right from making digital payments, retaining copies on one’s digital documents in a shared global repository, tracking personal expenses to reading news and blogs, there are e-commerce sites where purchases can be made from the comfort of a home to mechanisms where information can be obtained / shared almost instantly. Being ignorant or illiterate about these technologies would be a hindrance in improve the overall quality of living.

With this we come to the conclusion of this article on Technology for elders. As outlined earlier, technology landscape is evolving everyday. On our part we need to keep pace with this change. Those who do will benefit tremendously in related areas thereby increasing the overall quality of life. Even if  a single 50+ person embraces these Technology for elders our effort spent in drafting this article would be worth it. Please let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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