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Let’s Wine About It

Bottled wine is poetry” and when poetry is poured into a glass, it is ready to stimulate one’s intellectual curiosity. (Those who have a culture of wine will utter a silent ‘yes‘)

No matter how much we try and glorify scotch & champagne, make beer & cocktails look fun and young, there’s no denying the fact that to enjoy all about wine, one has to elevate all his senses to savor its journey from a bottle to his soul.

The timeless companionship of wine and wine drinkers only blossoms with age, and hence, they both take immense pride in their birth years to show that they are a class apart.

From a mere association with Gastronomy, wine has come a long way to become a hallmark of class, society, tradition, art and literature. So a big shout-out to all the wine drinkers (new and old) for drinking it in style.

Let’s each uncork a bottle of choice, and see how much we know all about wine.

Love the wine you are with

Discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.”

We shall begin exploring the world of wine by enriching our knowledge of the variants it has to offer. So go ahead and see what suits your taste and personality.


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