What is Purnaa

There is nothing called SENIOR CITIZEN. There never was. Unknowingly, most of the youth is spent on ‘acquiring’, ‘procuring’, ‘protecting’, for the process called ‘living’, and in the bargain exhausting the precious force called LIFE. The inestimable time is spent so much, that we are barely left with any residual energy to live the life of our choice after 55.  “Youth is wasted on the young” (Bernard Shaw), and real living starts when we are nearing the end of our duties & responsibilities.

 Unfortunately we misunderstand this period as the fag end of our active life, when in reality we are just entering the peak of our celebration. Thus, we created Club PURNAA. It is for the mature and forever young, who vibrate with our thoughts and fervor.

Club PURNAA is not a typical club – as we have raised the bar for the people above 55. Here, ‘clubbing’ is not limited to having casual fun & feeling good in each others’ company, but we have taken it beyond that. PURNAA’s endeavor is to create an epicenter of unthinkable possibilities by clubbing together varied passion, interest, needs, hobbies & dreams. At PURNAA, we all strongly believe, that when different minds meet, multiple hobbies join hands, needs become common & dreams get connected, then the outside world starts noticing us, differently. A ‘community’ created by genuine pieces of happiness, desire, will, emotions – has a tremendous power to demand and create a bigger audience in this otherwise apathetic world.

Our Vision is to offer an empowering world to the 55 plus, which gives them the confidence to accept the truth i.e. it’s time to begin and not the time to resign to old world fatalism. Our Mission is to disrupt the stereotypes & taboos around ageing and create an exciting platform for 55 plus in the society. The platform works as a club & brings offers , services, events & other benefits for its members across all spheres of life – be it food, fashion, travel, entertainment, income options, community programs, health et al.

(Offers are exclusively for its members who are 55 plus)

We bring youth after 55. Yes, that’s what we do.