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Wine & Pizza Exclusive

  • For the Master Chef in you. Eat or cook, whatever you wish – our chefs are waiting to obey
  • An evening of Pizza, Wine & Live Music
  • Make your own Pizza out of freshly kneaded dough or simply order your favorite one
  • Over 100 imported Cheese & Meat,  San Marzano
  • Tomatoes and fresh vegetables, to choose your own
  • Pizza toppings – all cooked in a wood-fired stone oven

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Product Details

Think you can do better than the chefs? Create your own pizza! First, we will kit you out, get into the gear with your own apron and chef’s cap, and then the magic begins. Using freshly kneaded dough, you hand roll the pizza base. A homemade sauce with San Marzano tomatoes goes a long way to add that extra tang. Fresh vegetables and a choice of imported meat & cheese from a selection of over a 100 varieties – all go into an 800 degrees wood-fired stone oven to bake it to perfection. The result – a heavenly pizza pie.  Drizzle with olive oil & Parmesan cheese and you become the true ‘Master Chef’.

About The Partner 

We at Fat Lulu’s believe that Pizza is a religion and we take our passion to work with our traditional recipes, the Italian American way and work them with our own signature style into Lulu’s special. We want our customers to share in the magic that is the entire process of baking a pizza pie with its sights and smells and touch and feel and invite you all for a fun-filled session at working in the show kitchen with our master pizzaiolos assisting every step of the way along with plenty of wine, a   special set meal and live music to set the mood.

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