Souls behind Purnaa

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Subrata Chakraborty

A thought leader, a serial entrepreneur, a communication expert, and a value creator
A firm believer in creation of an empowering eco system that can address the problems and needs of Indians post 55
Silver population in this country are evolving and so are their needs & challenges. There is a need to setup a structured network based on the modern management practices that goes beyond ad hoc social services approach and enable restriction free delight living.
Its time we create a world where it is a privilege to be above 55

Adrija Laha

An accomplished brand management professional with rich experience in both agency & corporate sides, an unconventional thinker, a dreamer and a hands on mother.

As a firm believer of “empowered people don’t compete with others, they are busy empowering others”, the noble thought of creating an empowering world for our elderly population got beautifully aligned with the life’s thought process. The silver population in India deserves to be genuinely happy and hence there’s a desperate need for a platform that can give them unlimited options to explore. Providing only limited products & services is in a way curbing & ignoring their freedom to ‘do more, ask for more’. Hence it’s time to create a self-sustaining & vibrating network for the vast & experienced population above 55, so that they can live life without others’ sympathy.


What we think

We are a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds, who have come together to give shape to an unique concept called PURNAA Club. The group consists of entrepreneurs, advertising & digital professionals, software engineers, independent consultants and health experts. We strongly believe that life after 55, is just the right time to live life without worries & apprehensions.

But our Indian Society tends to ignore this aspect of living for this age group.

We at PURNAA, have recognised that there is a need to create an eco-system & eventually build an exciting world for this evergreen group. We are glued to the cause through our indomitable spirit & intense passion, and our mission is to make life after 55 truly a privilege. We welcome all to join this movement and make it bigger and better. If you are interested to engage with the cause, please write to us at