South Asia suffers from a significant identity and knowledge deficit. Certain dominant narratives and perceptions have accreted, that in turn breed misconception and misunderstanding about the region among outsiders and gives rise to intra-regional distrust and misapprehension about each other’s motives and intentions.

Much of the knowledge /data base and information dissemination on the region is sourced externally – largely from Western and extra-regional sources. Basic information about countries of the region and their national perspectives on key issues are hard to get and scattered across diverse sources whose authenticity and reliability remain in doubt.

In order to create a more credible and empathetic knowledge bank on the South Asian region and bridge the information gap inherent to it, a small group of Delhi-based journalists, scholars, former diplomats and policy analysts got together to create the South Asia Monitor ( - an independent web journal and online resource site dealing with strategic, political, security, cultural and economic issues in the extended South Asian region and nations comprising it.

Developed to serve students, scholars, journalists and analysts across the globe who have a keen interest in South Asian studies, or seeking in-depth knowledge or looking for reliable resource and documentation on this region, the site features exclusive commentaries, insightful analyses, interviews and reviews contributed by experts, diplomats, journalists and analysts from all over the world. It also aggregates news and views content related to the region.

As a holistic and independent platform of information and opinion/analysis on a region that not only comprises over a fourth of mankind but is of growing strategic and commercial importance to the rest of the world, SAM looks forward to attracting insights and views from academicians, journalists, experts, researchers and students in order to make it an interactive and enriching source of learning and understanding. As the sole South Asia- based monitoring source on the whole region, it aims to bring to you views, voices and visions that are objective and informed yet non-parochial, unbiased and independent.

SAM is equipped to prepare original reports by domain/subject experts on events, situations, trends and business opportunities in individual South Asian countries, as well as on the region, for use by think- tanks, policy makers, analysts, governments and embassies, amongst others. These premium and customized reports are available at a price on request.

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